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Jeff Dunham Tickets

Jeff Dunham Tickets

Jeff Dunham Tickets Las Vegas

Venue: Planet Hollywood


Jeff Dunham Jeff’s unique style and hilarious antics with his characters have made him one of the highest grossing comic’s in the world.  He has sold millions of DVD’s and Dunham has sold out shows wherever he goes. As an entertainer Jeff has had a huge impact on popular culture and his characters will be forever remembered and many have inspired catch phrases that will endure the test of time like Achmed’s “Silence! I Keel You!” or Jose Jalepeno’s “on a steek” are now part of our vernacular. Las Vegas is very excited to welcome Jeff to our city.

 Jeff Dunham Tickets

Jeff Dunham Tickets

Jeff Dunham is a very popular stand up comedian whose act features a variety of hand puppets which he talks to throughout the act. While some may consider many of his jokes a bit off color, most find that his humor is hilarious and very funny.

The puppets are a key part of the act. As a ventriloquist, he talks with the puppetsand they respond in ways which are funny to the audience. Some of his acts make fun of himself while others may point out serious issues in society such as terrorism.

The variety of issues that are discussed in his acts is shown in the many different puppets that he has. He claims in his acts to have crafted the puppets on his own which shows the depth of his humor. There are puppets include a jalapeno on a stick, Walter the cranky old man, Peanut a purple combination of fur and fuzzy with a knack for saying things that are quite funny.

In addition to humor regarding serious social issues, there are many acts in which he may have more than one puppet operating at the same time. In these acts there will be a conversation between the three of them that will lead viewers on a trail of laughter due to the banter as well as the conversation itself.

As a stand up comedian, his act has gained much popularity in recent years with his appearance on Comedy Central. As a result of his increased fame, he also has his own DVDs available for purchase. Like many other comedians, the act has gained so much popularity that there are comedy series set up with them as the focus.

Jeff Dunham is very funny stand up comedian that uses many of the problems in daily life to create his acts. By using subjects that people have problems with, he is able to draw in his audience to find humor in the situations and provide a release for those who may be feeling stress over the topics.

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