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Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capitol of the world because it hosts legendary performers from all over the world. There are tons of concerts in Las Vegas to chose from and you can count on to have all the tickets you need for any of the Vegas concerts. We are a local Las Vegas ticket broker located just off the famous Las Vegas strip and we carry an extensive inventory of both cheap Las Vegas concert tickets, and those hard to find premium seats.You can order tickets safely and securely online or feel free to call one of our professional sales reps at 702.795.7880.

Las Vegas Concerts

If you search online for the most popular travel destinations in the U.S., Las Vegas is likely to show up among the most desirable places to visit - perhaps rivaled by New York and Disneyland. Celebrities, magicians, dancers, comedians, and singers can all be found performing practically every day, on any one of the dozens of iconic stages in Las Vegas. However, it can be a bit of a problem for visitors trying to figure out things like where to park, how to get to a concert, or what to wear; which is why we've put together this article to give you a solid background on events, concerts, shows, and how to make your time here memorable. Over 40 million people visit Las Vegas each year, but that doesn't mean you won't find a place to stay because most of the biggest hotels in the U.S. (17 out of 20) are found in Vegas, and it would take one person nearly 300 years to spend one night in every hotel room in the city. Las Vegas receives 300 days of sunshine a year, and there are dozens of attractions in and around the city throughout the year. A lot of visitors come to experience the usual sights - buzzing casinos, dazzling attractions, chic restaurants and hotels, and electric nightlife - not to mention the cacophony of flashing lights, noise, digital beeps, sleek limousines, and endless shows and concerts. Did you know that Las Vegas strip is the brightest spot on earth when viewed from space? According to NASA, the U.S. space agency, Las Vegas gives out such a bright and colorful display at night that not even the stunning casinos of Macau or the bright Tokyo and Dubai skylines match up to it. For the average wide-eyed vacationer visiting from outside the country or rural Mid-west, the canyons of glittering lights particularly on the neon-bedecked strip are pretty impressive - except perhaps for Hong Kong-ers who may be used to the grandiosity of a lavish city. Las Vegas ConcertsAside from being a major tourist destination, Las Vegas also has a reputation as an adult playground, so you need to make very different plans if you plan on bringing children - there's very little for them to do. That feeling of excitement you get from all the buzzing attractions would probably be too much for young kids - and in any case you'd probably want to leave them behind if you want to have a genuine Las Vegas experience. Tourists who've come to escape the daily humdrum hardly ever run out of things to do and see. You can visit Las Vegas any time. The best weather is in Spring and Autumn, but you can still have a good time in summer as it's the time when the pool season peaks. In winter it gets cold and sometimes it rains, but snow never hits the city, except perhaps far out in the mountains. The biggest events are in New Year's eve, when most hotel rooms are booked and prices skyrocket. If you're ready for adventure at all hours then Las Vegas is the best place to visit.

Tips for enjoying a Las Vegas Concert

To help you navigate the city as a visitor, we've assembled a list of things to do when going out for a live event in Las Vegas. 

Tickets to Las Vegas Concerts

If you don't have a specific plan, you can get discounted day-of tickets for any number of events. However you will have to be flexible when booking tickets on the day of, and you may not be able to get tickets to some of the more popular shows; so expectations should be managed. There's always a comedy show going on somewhere, or a Cirque de Soleil show.

Always show up early for theaters, that way you can be sure to keep your seat or even upgrade to a better one. When you book tickets, always check whether they are for general admission and whether you've been assigned a seat. Keep in mind that general admission tickets only allow for seats to be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. If that's the case, make an effort to get there at least 30 minutes before the show begins so you have the option of selecting a good seat.

Some of the more classic shows that feature popular acts like Nathan Burton (he performs at the Flamingo) offer the option of sitting at a table or booth. A booth has four tables so if you're attending as a couple, be ready to have another couple join you at your booth. 

Table seats are cheaper than booths (they're not the most comfortable) and are designed in a way that prevents you from facing the stage, and it's rather cumbersome because you have to tilt your body a little to see the performance. 

Be a part of the show 

Some performers allow attendees to take part in the performance, and in Vegas you will find plenty of shows that allow you to join in on the act- a good example is the Marc Savard performance near Planet Hollywood, and Anthony Cools at Paris Las Vegas. In these types of shows, the performer asks for a volunteer from the audience to join him up on stage to get hypnotized. If you are the kind of person who enjoys the spotlight, this should be fun.

For comedy fans, you won't ran out of comedy events in the city. Vinnie Favorito performs at The Flamingo, and he's a sharp-tongued, quick-witted comedian who ad-libs the audience for much of his show. He gets his material from interacting with the audience and that involves tearing into people, using stereotypes and picking on the most obvious flaws. He makes a good show if you're not too easily offended or embarrassed. 

Dinner and show events

In the old days visitors wanted to see an act while enjoying dinner; but most establishments have done away with the dinner and show concept. This, however, doesn't mean you won't be able to find a spot that still entertains this type of show. Check out venues like the Tournament of Kings (at Excalibur) and Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding, located near Planet Hollywood. 

Absinthe at Caesars Palace is a great show that involves plenty of interaction especially with guests occupying the first couple of rows. It has a circus theme to it and also features top specialty acts and a number of burlesque performances. The performer (called the Gazzilionnaire) spends the first few minutes of each show interacting with the audience, and has a crass humor that audiences love. 

Matt Gross is also a great performer who regularly holds events at Caesars Palace. The blue-eyed crooner puts on a rather stylish show and most people dress to impress at his events. This means no flip flops or tennis caps for guys and no tank tops for ladies. You need to wear nightclub attire to get into the dimly lit lounge (where smoking is allowed) but the show doesn't disappoint. Gross is known for reenacting performances that are reminiscent of the Rat Pack days when Frank Sinatra put on shows where men wore tuxedos and women showed up clad in thick furs. 
While you may not have to pull out your fur coats, such an event gives people an excuse to dress up for a night out in Sin City.

What to wear to a concert in Las Vegas

You can never go wrong if you keep it smart and sophisticated. Don't put on excessively flashy accessories, and for men, always have a dinner jacket ready because you might need it to get into a nice restaurants. The majority of clubs in Vegas have the same dress code: upscale fashionable - so avoid casual wear as you might not fit in. Avoid wearing sandals, hats, or baggy clothes to a show, unless you're wearing it as part of a theme. 

Want to learn more about what to wear to a concert? We have some styling tips for anyone attending a concert with these performers:

Jennifer Lopez at Cirque du Soliel or planet Hollywood - Thigh-high boots

She's a flamboyant performer who loves to put on head-turning outfits especially boots (you may have seen her rocking blue thigh-skimming boots in one of her music videos). If you book her concert, copy her style and go for something like a hot pair of black boots and combine them with a tight mini-dress for the full effect. 

Lionel Ritchie - Wear a cross chain

The legendary singer is always seen wearing a chain necklace that has a cross pendant - some would say it's his signature style. One way to pay homage to one of the most renowned performers in Vegas is with a piece of bling such as his. A good necklace will cost a few hundred dollars.

Britney Spears show - Put on a sequin romper

She is always flashy and fun when performing and a sequin romper is the perfect outfit to wear to her show. Put it on to see her perform at events near the Strip - and the advantage is that it's a good outfit to wear for a night out in Vegas.

Carlos Santana - Wear a hat

Fans of the legendary guitarist know about his love for hats. Take time to shop for a cool hat such as a wide-rimmed fedora when you go for his show at the House of Blues. 

Counting Crows - Put on a denim skirt

Fans of counting crows will enjoy flirting with their inner folkster when wearing a vintage-inspired denim outfit to a Sin City performance. You can find plenty of denim skirts ($50) that have a classy, vintage silhouette that will make you stand out from the crowd.

O Cirque du Soleil - wear a Seahorse purse

This act performs regularly at the Bellagio and they have a deep love of the sea. You can show an appreciation to their style by wearing a whimsical ocean blue jacket, boots, or carrying a blue purse to their show.

Tips for going out to a concert at the Downtown Las Vegas (DLV) Events Center 

Most shows are held in the heart of Vegas's metropolitan area. Venues are usually wide and spacious and feature a wide array of entertainers such as singers, comedians, circus acts, and even fighting matches. Here' s quick guide to help improve your experience:

a) The most common way to get around in Vegas is with a taxi; however, if you're driving to a show at DLV Events Center then you're likely to face huge crowds and parking won't be easy to find. keep in mind there are no designated parking spots at the venue, but veterans know where to find space at nearby parking garages. Your best bet is Fremont Street at the junction of Carson Avenue and 4th Street - there's another parking lot located right across from this one. You will be charged about $10 to park. On the other hand, if you're a guest at a nearby hotel, then you have the option of leaving your car at the hotel. 

b) Check the weather

When going out for shows in an outdoor space, be sure to check the weather before you leave, and dress appropriately. Venues such as the DLV Events Center have endless functions that include music performances (rock, hip hop, R'n'B, etc.) and thousands of excited fans. Sound quality is impressive even when coupled with scores of screaming music fans - but you may consider purchasing earplugs if you're extra-sensitive to noise. 

c) Seating

Visitors who purchased general admission tickets will be offered standing room only but if you want a more wholesome experience at the DLV Events Center then a pricier VIP ticket will be worth it. Guests are given a more accommodating experience including a VIP section on both sides of the stage, allowing you to see performers up-close. There' s also a balcony available if you have VIP tickets, and it adds to the whole VIP experience.

d) Food

You will find plenty of snack stands, bars, and merchandise booths during big shows. Just take a stroll along the venue and you'll come across multiple bars where you can get drinks without missing a show or any of the excitement. All kinds of snacks are available at the stands, and anything else that is relevant to the event or artist performing there.

Guests can also sit down to a meal at any number of restaurants within the vicinity of the Events Center before going in for the show. Some of the most popular options include the D Grill, Andiamo Stakehouse, and the D Las Vegas. You can also cross the street to the nearby Red Sushi, Chart House, or Golden Nugget Hotel.

Concert Headlines in Las Vegas

The vast majority of tourists come to Vegas to see a show. While there are a variety of acts to see in town, we've assembled a few of the most popular las vegas concerts and events in the city, not counting things like rhinestones and white tigers. So if you're looking for a hot ticket, here are a few options:

Jersey Boys at Paris Las Vegas

If you're the kind of person who binge watches Behind the Music on VH1, then you will enjoy this show. It's a story about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, and it covers everything from their rise, fall, and the breakup; and it unfolds like an impresive rock-documentary complete with songs performed by talented vocalists.

The Beatles: Love at the Mirage

Cirque du Soleil have over half a dozen shows at the Strip - and this one is by far the best. For starters, the music makes this performance more appealing (because it's the Beatles), and there are stunning acrobats that complement the entire act. The music is blasted through a powerful sound system and dancers line up to dance to a variety of mash-ups of the Beatles hit songs.

Le Reve - The Dream at the Wynn

This performance is often mistaken for a Cirque du Soleil show, but it's slightly different. It features more acrobatics and diving as opposed to singing or story lines, but it happens on a captivating stage and closes with a section of the trailer rising to the top and finally dropping into the water below. 

Zumanity at New York-New York

Adult shows are plenty in the Vegas Strip, but Zumanity is renowned for it's quality and sheer sexiness. The production is imbued with an exotic sensuality that you won't see anywhere else on the Strip, thanks to a neat combination of erotic acrobatics and storytelling that only Cirque performers can come up with. The show features a Champagne bath that thrills and excites in equal measure - you might actually leave the show with some ideas for spicing up your bedroom.

Mondays Dark at the Space

Every couple of months musicians, comedians, celebrity chefs, and Cirque performers line up at The Space to headline a bunch of shows that only cost $20. The money raised from the shows goes to charity, so that makes the guests feel like they're playing a part in a noble cause. 

Pop star residencies

Pop stars who want to go into semi-retirement can sometimes score residency in various casinos in Vegas. Some of the older stars like Celine Dion and Elton John have been doing it for years, and constantly "end" their contracts only to renew them again. Other famous names include Carlos Santana, Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears, who has held the title of most popular (and highly paid) performer in Las Vegas. Other acts include the Backstreet Boys, Boys II Men, and The Chainsmokers, who recently signed a deal to play at The Wynn for three years. 

Penn & Teller at Rio Hotel

This is a magic show and most guests will want to see at least one magic show during their stay in Vegas. If you don't like acts like Criss Angel or David Copperfield, then Penn & Teller are a good choice. They are funny and perform tons of tricks and illusions - and they might even show you how to do a few tricks.

Blue Man Group at Monte Carlo 

This show is about a bunch of blue guys who just bang on stuff and don't talk, but they are a fascinating bunch who will keep you enthralled for the duration of the show. They also poke fun at current trends and technology, and maybe one of them will eat a bag of marshmallows during the act.

Million dollar quartet at Harrah's

Rock 'n roll fans will enjoy a show that was initially inspired by a one-off jam session from back in the mid 1950s. MDQ plays music from all the greats including Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins, and they transport you to a time when these artistes were the baddasses of entertainment. 

Panda! at The Pallazo

It's an interesting production that is set up by the same individuals who created the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics back in 2008. So naturally, the show incorporates a lot of elements from the Far East such as Kung Fu, acrobatics, and yes, a panda. 

Raiding the Rock Vault at The LVH

This is a colorful rock concert that takes the audience through a history of rock music and features artists with serious rock cred from playing in old bands (think Quiet Riot, Asia, Whitesnake, Heart, etc.). Sometimes they throw in a few sketches in between performances, but overall its a rich experience for most rock fans (and guys over 40). 

BAZ: Star Crossed love at The Venetian

BAZ performances feature music from classics such as Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby, and Romeo + Juliet, among other films. While the actual stories all had tragic endings, the production itself is flashy and quite fan, and is characteristic of the director's over-the-top style.

Purple Reign at the Westgate

There are a lot of shows along the Strip that feature costumed performers reenacting famous performances by dead pop stars. For a long time it was Elvis impersonators you had to see in Vegas, but unfortunately the world of music also lost Prince, but fans still have purple Reign, a show that recreates all his flair with keen precision. 

Zombie Burlesque at Planet Hollywood

The title is on-point as this revue combines zombies and burlesque and is set in the late 1950s. It features the classic un-dead, who have risen to take over the world, but they do a bunch of sexy dances and funny stand-up routines that give tribute to classic horror films.

The best live music performances are in Vegas

For anybody who identifies as a Coachella fan, Las Vegas the Strip offers plenty of live music acts. The Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan is simply breathtaking, as it sits on the fourth-floor, capturing the major sights including the fountains of the Bellagio, the Eiffel Tower model at Paris Las Vegas, and even the signature lion at the MGM. 

These days the Boulevard pool takes on a musical setting in most nights, with a complete, buzzed out music group taking the stage on the south end. A new trend is forming in Vegas, where younger, more sophisticated music fans are piling up to see touring bands performing live - particularly indie musicians, and popular festival performers whose tickets quickly sell out.

There's always been a limitation to live music acts in Vegas, as a significant number of music fans who don't care much for big headliners or old lounge acts lacked a proper live music setting that featured club-sized bands such as those that were once so popular in New York. In fact the only place that featured something close to this is Mandalay Bay, which offered musical acts at the House of Blues since 1999. 

But things started to shift when the Cosmopolitan opened in 2010, with a key focus on live music and what they call "audio zones". The property features multiple stages where a variety of music acts perform regularly, and sections of the property have unique playlists that are set up as background noise, further emphasizing their focus on music. 

According to Lisa Marchese, a one time marketing officer for the Cosmopolitan, the owners knew from the start the kind of visitors they wanted to attract, and music was going to be a central component.

In the last few years, concert spaces have increased dramatically in the city. Consider the Las Vegas outpost of the popular Brooklyn Bowl, a concert space with a 2,000 sitting capacity - it rivals Caesars entertainment center (called the LINQ). As a result of such developments, Caesars also upgraded their theater at Planet Hollywood and they did a good job of luring headliners like Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears for extended residences. 

Even the Cosmopolitan had to be to readjusted to accommodate a big headliner. They built a 3,500 capacity theater that has hosted the likes of Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Lady, and Tony Benet. The Chelsea (formerly the Chelsea Ballroom) is known for focusing on "underplays" which are basically performances by major artists who play to a smaller, more intimate crowd.

Such events are priceless for music lovers and die-hard fans, and tickets are highly sought after. Since 2012, organizers of the popular Coachella music festival began organizing the event to run on two consecutive weekends. This had the effect of doubling the audience but it also created a dead week in between. A large number of performers started to drive across the border to Las Vegas for a performance during that downtime. 

This is what created that sort of cumulative effect where now Las Vegas has become an alternate music destination for people who find it hard to tolerate congested music festivals like Coachella. For a lot of mature music lovers, the thought of fending off the elbows of drunk, rowdy, teenagers while attempting to keep the sand-filled dessert wind out of your eyes can be too much. For such a person, attending those performances in Vegas is a great way to enjoy the music without any disruption. 

Even nightclubs in Las Vegas (which have long been seen as mostly profit ventures) have started to create room for live concerts. A good example of this transformation is the SLS Hotel & Casino, which opened in 2014 with a nightclub named LIFE as its main attraction. For a couple of years the nightclub featured the dance sensation Steve Angello, and it attracted international DJs like Gareth Emery, Erick Morillo, and Fedde le Grand on its main nights. 

At the moment, LIFE has been changed into the Foundry, a neat 1,800 capacity space that attracts performances by acts like Awolnation, an electro-rock band, and hip hop superstar Lil' Wayne. 

Guests want more of an entertainment experience, and they're doing this by getting tickets for these kinds of music concerts, instead of spending $100 dollars to go to a nightclub. While there's still demand for nightclubs, more people want a richer, fuller experience for their money. 

Las Vegas Concert Experience

In the same way that buffets in Vegas give you the opportunity to try foods you love and foods you've never tried, the entertainment scene is no different. You will find variety of shows and las vegas concerts that perhaps you didn't know you would like - but you have to allow yourself to try something different. Remember you don't have to be a huge fan of the Beatles or Michael Jackson to enjoy those crazy Cirque du Soliel shows. 

In the same way, you don't have to be partial to ventriloquism to be tickled by comedians such as Terry Fator. While it's true that most visitors want to sample some of their favorite acts while in Vegas, it's also true that you can discover so much more if you keep an open mind. 

So have you been wondering what happens backstage at the Blue Man Group, or are you hoping to take a photo with your favorite singer/performer? Or perhaps you want to combine a wonderful dinner with a special performance? You will definitely find what you're looking for, in the dozens of VIP tickets available for production shows, singers, magicians, comedy, variety shows, or the many other Vegas shows and events. 

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