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Cirque du Soleil - The Beatles: Love Tickets

The Beatles Love Tickets Las Vegas

Venue: Mirage


If you’re a Beatles fan, then this is the show for you!  Even the music director for LOVE is none other than Sir George Martin himself, one of The Beatles' music producers!  LOVE is not your typical Cirque show; don’t expect a circus with high-flying trapeze artists, gymnasts and acrobats, rather, prepare yourself for a more theatrical and dance-oriented presentation showcasing extreme sports, break dancing and street dancing!  With that said, if you're a fan of The Beatles, you'll have an absolute blast listening to some of their greatest hits! 


Your musical journey begins with the energetic song "Get Back” as the audience watches the scene of The Beatles' farewell concert quickly flash back to Liverpool during World War II when the band members were young.  Then, talented acrobats and tumblers amaze spectators on trampolines, while they perform amazing feats to the tune of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and "Drive My Car."  Next, four extreme sports athletes risk everything as they leap off 11 foot ramps on inline skates to the famous, "Help" followed by a more low key aerial ballet act as "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and "Octopus's Garden" serves as the soundtrack.  This remarkable show even includes an awesome "jam session" created from authentic recordings of the famous four.  What makes this performance even more interesting is that all of the audio clips and music featured in the show are from actual recordings from The Beatles' Abbey Road studio!  The spectacle concludes with a montage of pictures of The Beatles with "All You Need is Love" playing in the background.  


Fans are raving about the performance; one firmly insisting, “I would come back to Vegas for just one day even if I could only watch this show again. Everything was great from before the show started until after in ended.  If you are a fan, this show is a must; it makes you feel like The Beatles are really there with you.”  One fan maintains that “this (show) was the highlight of our trip!” and one has even “now seen it 8 times!”  Listen to millions of happy audiences members from across the world and get your Cirque du Soleil - The Beatles: Love tickets in Las Vegas now!

Cirque Du Soleil Beatles Love Tickets

Cirque's Beatle Love Tickets

Cirque du Soleil – The Beatles Love is not just homage to the Beatles, but an ode to the friendship between the late George Harrison and Cirque du Soleil founder Dominic Champagne. The journey through the 1960s with nearly 30 Beatles songs as the soundtrack is a sweet and powerful memorial to an era, a band, and a man who so often seemed to be the quiet one of the quartet. Cirque du Soleil Beatles Love tickets is most certainly one heck of a phrase to say and it is one amazing show anyone with admiration for the greatest rock and roll band of all time or with a nostalgic bone beckoning for a time as transformative as the 1960s must see at least once in Las Vegas.

It is a show that has survived seven years through 2012 and will certainly become one of the longest lasting Cirque productions in Vegas, of which there are many. Cirque du Soleil Love resides at the Mirage in Love Theater. The theater allows 2,000 people to enjoy a multimedia phenomenon. Two 20-by-100 foot wide screens and 28 projectors flash images of the band, the 1960s, or just psychedelic imagery above a 360 degree stage where extreme sports athletes defy gravity on inline skates, acrobats and tumblers take to trampolines, and dancers take the audience back to another time.

Most Cirque productions, Vegas and otherwise, focus on gymnastic and acrobatic acts, but Cirque du Soleil Love is far more about the Beatles and an era in which a generation grew up among the rubble of a Liverpool in World War II and set out to explore and expand the world. The show evolves from mod suits to tie dyed clothing, all the while playing a soundtrack emphasizing the need for love, from young love to love for all of fellow man.

The show has been powerful enough to bring the remaining family members together to celebrate its opening and to incorporate famed Beatles producer Sir George Martin and his son as the musical directors. Cirque du Soleil Love tickets bring together generations of the Beatles family and are as enjoyed by everyday families, with parents who lived during the 1960s and children who grew up listening to the music of the decade and the greatest band of all time.

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