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Cirque du Soleil - Mystere Tickets

Mystere Las Vegas Tickets

One of the top reasons to stay in Las Vegas or visit the city is the plenty of incredible shows as well as entertainment going on year-round. The City of Lights has a long, interesting entertainment history and there is always so much going on day and night, that it can be pretty hard to get bored. With so many exciting shows that are friendly for the whole family, Sin City is definitely the place to be this holiday season. 

The Mystere Las Vegas Show

Mystere Las Vegas show by Cirque du Soleil is one of the most popular performance art, music, magic and cultural shows in the city. In case you didn't know, Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian entertainment company considered today as the world's largest theatrical producer. Their Mystere show brings to life on stage the powerful athleticism, high-stamina acrobatics as well as inspiring imagery that has become the company’s hallmark. The show combines elements of performance art, music and culture from around the globe, using characters that seem both familiar and exotic at the same time. Performers in spectacular costumes perform incredible dance and acrobatic maneuvers you have never seen before.

What To Expect at The Mystere Las Vegas Show 

Dubbed a theatrical "flower in the desert," the Mystère Las Vegas show which normally takes place exclusively at the famous Treasure Highland Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas enthralls generations of audiences with its exciting combination of whimsy drama and mind-boggling acrobatics brought on stage. The show provides the ultimate discovery that life itself is a mystery.

1) The Artists

In case you're looking for the ultimate excitement, the Mystère Vegas show will satisfy even the most buzz-hungry show goer. With about 75 talented performers, you can expect to enjoy a world of live entertainment and performance. The combination of stamina, strength, and balance of these performers is very remarkable. Acrobats perform hand maneuvers which depict incredible body control on a breathtaking stage. 

You will see 2 acrobats use a creepy seesaw to propel themselves high up to 40 feet above the stage one after the other. As one falls, the other is launched and performs mind-boggling somersaults. 

The aerial cube is another stunt that amazes the eye, featuring an acrobat as well as a box made of metallic tubes. The acrobat spins and maneuvers within and outside, even balancing and spinning the structure on one corner in a show of proficiency, strength and talent.

The list of highly trained performers goes on with bungee jumpers who swing and twirl through the air with breathtaking costumes that paint the top of the arena like fireworks not to mention an aerialist who flies above the crowd leaving everyone marveled.

The show will certainly mystify you because these are things you hardly see in real life except movies. That's why it has been honored 8 times as "Best Production Show", thanks to the collective effort of the talented performers featuring acrobats, singers, dancers and even comedians.

2) Audience Participation

Attend the show and if you are lucky, you might be invited to take part in some of the rare performances shown below;

There is a clown called Brian, a wild-haired man in an oversized tux whose antics begin well before the show does. Wayward and noisy, this naughty character interacts with audience members as many are still locating their seats and his amusing theatrics often seem to win people over. 

Also, before the show kicks off, a funny-looking gigantic baby with silly antics emerges on the giant stage, bouncing across after an equally enormous red ball. The gargantuan toddler then becomes enamored with a male audience member intent on calling him his "pa-pa" and he might just invite you to play with him. If he does be warned he slobbers (drools). 

Tips for Buying the Mystere Las Vegas Show Tickets Online 

1) Grab the Tickets as Soon As Possible

The Mystere is one of the most popular performance art, music, magic and cultural shows in Vegas. This means there are hundreds of thousands of fans all across the city always fighting to buy the tickets in order to catch a glimpse of what goes on. If you want to beat the competition, being smart is the key. If there's a particular ticket sales website you like to purchase tickets from, register your billing information with them. Create a personal account on the site and avoid having to enter your billing address and other information necessary to purchase a ticket every time you want to buy a ticket. This will save you significant amount of time, putting you way ahead of others in the buy process.

2) Don’t Wait To Buy Tickets Late at Night.

Avoid postponing buying your Mystere Las Vegas show ticket until late at night even if a website assures you that you can do so safely. Many websites undergo routine maintenance for a short moment and this means if you conduct a transaction during that time, it will not be processed and you would have wasted valuable time on the site.

3) Shun Professional Ticket Brokers and Scalpers

Always avoid professional ticket brokers and scalpers at all costs. These individuals do you more harm than good. All they do is buy tickets through multiple credit cards and resell them on various sites at a higher price.


The Mystere Las Vegas show is a fantastic event you do not want to miss this year. This family-friendly show presents a fun, colorful experience that never disappoints. For more information about tickets and dates, be sure to check out the official website.

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