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Nitro Circus Tickets

Nitro Circus Las Vegas TicketsNitro Circus Las Vegas Tickets

Nitro Circus daredevils bring their new tour to Las Vegas. The Good, The Bad and the Rad.


Who Nitro Circus Is
There is an amazing and humble story here that starts with Jeremy Rawle, Greg Godfrey, and Travis Pastrana that were creating DVDs in their home garage in 2003, Nitro Circus went viral and started to be very popular with people leaving an impression on people all over the world. The DVD was a huge hit and Travis and his friends were seen performing in all kinds of ways. Then in 2009, there was a partnership with MTV to create a series that allowed the antics of the circus to be shown in over 60 countries and it was one of the most popular series of all time. The show was shown again on MTV2 in October 2014.
The Global Tour
In 2010 the show was transformed and was taken on the road and was able to show all kinds of international stunts as well as have a great time. The show went to Australia and then to Europe and other locations. The tour itself has been through 5 continents and has sold out shows all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, China, the U.S., Canada, and South Africa. This has continued to be a great touting circus that ensures that there is a great time for all members.
The Television Show
The Nitro Circus has taken an international appearance to the silver screen as well and is on air on NBC. This continues to be an international success and for this reason is on television as well as at the MGM Grand in Vegas. 
The New Show at the MGM Grand
Nitro Circus Las Vegas is an amazing show that is a part stunt, a part daredevil mission and a part stunning act, these are all made up as well of other amazing athletes who have been a part since the beginning. The show is made up of Travis Pastrana, who was the brain child of the operation and is known for his work in FMX. Travis was recognized as a legend at an early age, he as a World Freestyle Champion since he was 14.He has been a 4x U.S. Amateur Champion as well and he has represented the U.S. at many games in Europe. 
Pastrana is from Maryland; he graduated high school early and knew that he wanted to compete in motor cross. He won the Loretta Lynn National Crown and two Canadian titles in 1992. He then won the World Freestyle Championship in 1998. He has continued to be an amazing competitor and has won tons of accomplishments. It was in 2001 he won the ESPN Action Sports and Music Award.
It was in 20015 that he had a ton of models as well as trophies, he is very highly decorated and in 2003 he became the brainchild of the circus and the future was born. There are many opportunities that will allow you to see this amazing show and to love every moment. When you have access to see all of these stunts you will be able to see why they are champions and why they are one of the best shows on the strip. Nitro Circus Las Vegas continues to be one of the most sought after shows.
What is all the Excitement About?
If you were curious what all the excitement is about, it is very simple, it is a great show that promises that you will have a great time and there are many options that are very affordable to you as well. When you have the chance to see the show you will recognize that it is something that you will love. Having an amazing show will let you appreciate all of those smaller things much more. There is nothing better than seeing a show that will leave you breathless. This is the best thing that could come to Vegas and you will love the fact that you can see them performing live and in front of you.
Vegas are an amazing experience and it means that you will love every moment. You will love the stunts, the food, the merchandise and everything about it. You are going to love and know the details of every experience. Get ready to spend your time delighted and know that you are ready to assist and have a great time. There is nothing that is more important than knowing that you have access to everything that will give you a great time. You will love all of the options as well as all of the success that you will have watching the show.
Nitro Circus Las Vegas is time with heart pounding action that will keep you loving every moment. Get ready to see an amazing show and then wish that you could see it again. All of the stunts that are in the show are different than the ones that are in the television show. You will see new and unique content that will mean you are able to enjoy a great show. You will remember this one for years to come; there are great discount tickets that are also available. Get ready to enjoy an excellent show and know that you are set to be a part of the best that is out there and to be offered. When you are able to join, you will know that you have access to everything that you have desired to move forward and to see the show.
Nitro Circus Las Vegas is a heart pounding ride that you are ready to join. Get ready to enjoy the night and be ready to remember this event for the rest of your life. Tickets in mass as well as single are available anytime you wish; you will love the options for you.

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