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Voted "#1 Afternoon Magic Show in Las Vegas," Nathan Burton Magic Show is family entertainment at its best!

You've seen Nathan on "America's Got Talent." The master magician not only performs unbelievable large-scale illusions at rapid-fire pace, he guides the audience through interactive magic tricks.

His 90-minute show at Saxe Theater inside Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood also includes beautiful showgirls, brilliant showmanship and laugh-out-loud comedy that is fun for all ages.

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic - Saxe Theater inside Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.



Description of the show
The Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show in Las Vegas is considered one of the largest on the Strip. It takes place at the Saxe Theatre that is located in the Miracle Mile Shops that are in the Planet Hollywood Hotel Casino. Nathan together with his gorgeous and sexually attractive assistants show the audience how to escape from the Microwave of Death, give life to a Barbie doll that is five foot tall among other things. The show is full of stage illusions that are reworked for comic payoff. Nathan’s major act involves disappearing women and swift changes among other things. The show changes significantly each and therefore does not have a standard description.

Unique features of the show
The show had the following unique features:
• Audiences are given coupons after the show so that they can visit other hypnotist shows.
• Audiences are treated to in-your-face magic tricks that are hard to pull off.
• The show gets a 50% update so as to bring in fascinating and fresh content for the audience. This certainly brings back audiences as they do not know what to expect next time.

Reasons to attend the show
There are many reasons to attend the show as it is the best magic show on the strip. The show has high energy from start to end keeping the audience entertained all through. The VIP seats are inclusive of a pre-show by an exemplary close-up magician called Armando Vera. The show is an unpolished creating illusion devoid of the typical background of girly burlesque dancers. The show is cost-effective and has a humorous opening act involving masks. It has both comedy and magic acts that can be enjoyed by adults and children as well. It is an interactive show especially for young audiences, so parents can bring their children along when they go to watch it. The magic show lasts a whole 1 hour giving the audience enough time to adequately enjoy themselves. The major acts consist of appearing and disappearing acts and levitation tricks that are really exciting. The showgirls have sweet and mildly saucy routines that are not overly sexy, this makes them suitable for a young audience such as children. 

The prop-oriented magic tricks are a sight to behold for audiences. Nathan has a friendly and approachable attitude that compliments his comedic and magic tricks capabilities. The show has a comedy act intermission by Russ Merlin who is extremely hilarious. Nathan does well executed tricks that leave his audience in awe. The show has an amazing sound system that is bound to impress all audience in attendance. The show has a good pace that accommodates everyone in attendance. The opening act is as good as the main act making the whole show worth your time. All the seats at the show have an excellent view of the performance stage. It has interesting card tricks that are impressive to watch. Nathan himself always seems to enjoy the show and this translates to the audience making them enjoy as well. The small and intimate theatre in which the show is done enables proper display of tricks since the stage is not far off.

The show is done in the Miracle Mile Shopping area that is a great spot to shop in Las Vegas. Nathan Burton has updates for the show each time, almost 50% of the show is usually changed to bring exciting and fun content. It also has lovely comedy skits. The VIP special allows audiences to enter the theatre an hour before the main show so that they see an up close magic show. The show is interactive in nature as some audiences are permitted on stage to participate in some of the tricks. Nathan is available when the show ends to take pictures with his fans, sign autographs and greet them for a fun and rare experience. There are photos and videos that are available and can be bought at the end of the show by audience who are interested. Nathan introduces his family members to the crowd, an interesting move that depicts him as a family man (some audiences love this).

Nathan Burton is usually respectful to his audience and very nice to kids, this makes his show and himself likeable. The comedy is nonstop from the opening act to the end subjecting the audience to perpetual laughter. Nathan keeps audience at the edge of their seats making the show a must watch affair. Nathan’s support act possesses singing birds which do tricks, a very creative concept that was added to the show. The show has an elevator for audiences who have knee problems or are physically challenged. The show has a military tribute that is appreciated by most people.

Show times and type of audience
The Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show in Las Vegas usually opens between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm and it runs from Tuesday all through to Sunday. It appeals to audiences of all ages, giving both the young and the old to enjoy the show together and have fun.

Next time you visit Las Vegas, visit the family-themed show to for a good laugh, magic tricks, card tricks and other exciting tricks.

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