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Menopause - The Musical Tickets

Menopause The Musical Vegas Show Tickets

There are several things that make a musical great. First and foremost, a musical, ought to have to a story that is interesting and unique to the audience. This is important because it makes it worth listening to. Apart from having a captivating story that the audience can relate to, the musical ought to have a good number of songs that go hand in hand with the story. This is something that needs to be given a lot of attention because it is what sets apart a great musical from the rest. There are a number of musicals today but there are those which have definitely managed to stand out from others. A great example of a musical that has managed to stand out from others for a long period of time is Menopause the Musical, Vegas.

What makes it Stand Out?

There is one thing that makes Menopause the musical to stand out from other musicals. This is the fact that it revolves around a subject matter that a good number of people in the audience can relate to, menopause. Normally, menopause is something that every woman dreads since there are many tales about how awful it can get. However, in this musical, the subject is given a sense of humour and a platform in which women can actually hear it being talked about and laugh at something they take quite seriously. It is something that has definitely given women a new perspective on the issue of menopause and how they perceive it.


The musical is played by four women who play different roles in life. There is a hippie-kind of mother, a soap star who is almost being replaced by a younger actress due to the fact that she is ageing and they need a younger face, a house wife who is in the shadow of her husband’s success and a power woman who is very ambitious. All these women have very different lives, responsibilities and beliefs but they have one thing in common. They are all undergoing the dreaded stage of life that is menopause. These roles are played by very talented women who know exactly how to portray their character in a manner that makes them not only believable but also very relatable to the general audience. They give a performance that keeps the audience coming back for more and more shows.


Like any other musical, Menopause the musical is made up of different types of songs. The creators of this musical are however very creative compared to numerous creators of musicals. This is because they are able to do something that a lot of creators have a challenge with. They are able to choose music that goes hand in hand with what the musical is all about. As the four women in the musical meet in a lingerie shop, they sing song about, cravings, night sweats, hot flashes, memory loss and sexual predicaments. These are all things that come about when one is experiencing menopause. It is the choice of music that makes this musical very funny from beginning to end. Some examples of songs you will hear at this musical include: Puff, My God am Draggin’, Stayin’ Awake, You No Longer See 39, I Heard It through the Grapevine and many more. The musical generally features songs from the 60s, 70s and sometimes even the 80s.

Age Restrictions

Menopause is a subject that people at an older age are better able to understand. For this reason, the show is restricted to individuals who are above the age of 14 years. In most cases, you will find that women make up the larger part of the audience at Menopause the Musical Vegas. This is probably because women are in a better position to understand the issue of menopause since they get to experience it. However, there are a good number of men at this musical as well. This is because men also get to live through menopause since they get to spend time with women undergoing menopause. The humour and music is however the main thing that brings people of different gender and age together at this musical. It is simply hilarious for all.

Show Times

Menopause the Musical Vegas is performed each day of the week. On Monday, the show is performed at 4pm as well as 7:30p.m and on 6:30p.m on the other days of the week. This is a very flexible schedule for most people especially the working class. This is because they get to have time to attend the musical after work or on weekends when they do not have to go to work. It is also a great schedule for people who are just visiting Vegas. This is because all the shows are done in the evening. This makes it possible for the visitors to visit different places of the city and engage in different activities before ending the day with a good laugh at this musical.

Performance Location

In Vegas, this musical is performed at the Hurrah’s. However, the musical is not only performed in Vegas. Since the musical started back in the year 2001, the cast has managed to give a performance in more than 30 countries worldwide. This has made it possible for them to give more than 3000 performances all over the world. This means it is possible for you to catch the musical in different places of the world. However, Vegas is one of the main places where this musical is performed many times a year. It is therefore a great idea to attend when visiting Vegas.

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