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Absinthe Tickets

Spiegeltent at Caesars Palace


Absinthe show Vegas makes your imagination go wild with the perfect mix of sideshow wonder, skin, zaniness and many other unbelievable acrobatic acts. The show is awesome for mature audience and once inside there, the Absinthe show will ensure that your visual cortex is utilized to the fullest. The Absinthe show in Las Vegas is not just a variety of shows or any other naughty cabaret or a chilling circus’s string but it is a compilation of all of these things with acts that encircle aspects from all the three. The nature of the show venue; the small stage ensures that the audience is always close to the action. The show has a cast of extravagant artists from all across the world performing amazing feats full of sexy vaudeville wardrobe with topless actions. Absinthe show Vegas is full of awes and shocks that most people crave for having sexy dances, obstructive comedy and provocative songs. The show has an extra scoop of shock.


Absinthe is one of the shows that you must atleast attend in your entire life. The show takes you to the world of shock mixed with enjoyment having oddities and delight. This is the reason as to why Absinthe has been hailed as the best of the Vegas. Take a look at the following reasons that has made the show to be the best.

i. Closeness to the Stage

One of the reasons that makes the show to be the best in Las Vegas is that Absinthe is performed right in your face. This makes things real for you by creating tension mixed with joy like no other show you can ever find on the Strip.

ii. The Size of the Stage

The show has a small stage with skating act cycles at unbelievable speed very close to the audience. All the scenes are just few steps from you giving a realistic view of the show. Over your head are the Esteemed Gentlemen having High Wire circus and just few steps from your seat is a Maxim Popazov stacks balancing eight chairs and himself to a height of up to 25 feet. This is just a simple description of what happens in the show and it makes a perfect recipe of spice and little sugar that livens up any of the Las Vegas vacation. 

iii. Nonstop humors 

Absinthe is also full of humors and this has made it very enjoyable to every person who has ever attended the show. This wildly show is mastered by your eccentric host Gazzilionaire and the assistant Penny Pibbets. The two keep the things moving with lots of humor that can never keep you dull.

iv. Cute Characters

The Absinthe show Vegas has cute characters like a roller skating team, beautiful Green Fairy, aerialists, rope walkers and many other acrobatic characters. This will always leave a history in your life.

v. The Carnival Atmosphere

The show really has a magical carnival atmosphere created by the performance that is made in the round stage. The stage is under a brocade and gorgeous velvet tent. The atmosphere of the show is also characterized by the performers getting very close to every person in the audience inside that intimate 600 seat venue covered with stained glass and mirrors.

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