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Rob Zombie Tickets

Rob Zombie Las Vegas Concert Tickets

Rob Zombie Vegas Concert Tickets

Whenever the name Rob Zombie is mentioned, one thing comes to mind; heavy metal! The musician, who is also a well respected screenwriter, film director and producer, has been entertaining heavy metal fans for nearly three decades. The sheer energy of this particular genre of music is unmatched by any other. It's the reason why most people who appreciate heavy metal and rock music are so passionate. The music itself inspires this type of reaction and affection from the fans and the artists in the same fashion. Listening to rock music and heavy metal has a tendency to chase away the blues, quite literally, and create an awesome and high energy atmosphere. Imagine what attending such a concert would be like? It's definitely the experience of a lifetime that should not be missed by anyone. 

Long and successful career

The career of a recording and performing artist can be judged not only by the number of records sold but also by how long the particular artist has remained relevant in the industry. Rob Zombie has been in the game for such a long a time and his fan base has only grown with time. He started off his career as a founding member of the heavy metal band known as White Zombie. The band went ahead to release four studio albums with Rob contributing greatly to its success. Hands of death was his first solo effort, a song which he collaborated in with Alice Cooper. His debut solo album titled Hellbilly Delux was released in the year 1998 and went on to sell over three million copies worldwide. The Grammy nominated artist has a list of hit songs such as Dragula, Feel So Numb, American Witch, Scum of The Earth and Demon Speeding. He has maintained his star power by making great music that appeals to his fans. The fact that he has been able to evolve his style while staying true to his roots only makes him a better artist.

Las Vegas Concert

The Rob Zombie Vegas concert is an event to look forward to. The city where the concert is to be held never sleeps and actually there couldn't be a better location to see him perform live. It will be a chance to bump to some of his music and party with the legend himself. Live concerts are usually a very different experience because the concert-goers normally have a lot of fun. It involves singing along to your favorite records as you cheer on the musician. Heavy metal and rock music are generally high energy and that is one crowd you would definitely want to be part of. The Rob Zombie Vegas concert promises fans as well as the visiting patrons a great time as he plays some of the popular hits. Rob has plenty of hit records and therefore fans should expect to have the time of their lives. Even if you don't know most of the lyrics, the atmosphere will carry you along and in the process you'll have a great time. 

Rob Zombie and Korn

Rob Zombie will be touring together with Korn as part of the Summer 2016 tour produced by Live Nation. Korn, an American nu-metal band, has been in the music scene since 1993. The band has several hit records to its name. Some of them include Freak On A Leash, Falling Away From Me, Coming Undone and Follow The Leader. Fans should therefore expect a double treat of two great acts teaming together to give them a great concert. They will be performing together in 25 American cities with Las Vegas as one of their stop. The tour has been rightly dubbed The Return of The Dreads and if the theatrical performance of the bands is anything to go by, fans will not be disappointed. The show is expected to have a guest act, an indication that the artists are really going all out for their fans. The collision of the two bands is meant to give the show a new dimension and present the concert-goers with an amazing and unique experience. It is not everyday that you get to see two great acts performing together. The legends obviously have something up their sleeves and it's only by attending the live show that fans will truly get to find out the surprise. 

Tour date

The summer is always a nice time to party and just have fun. The Return of The Dreads Tour could not have come at a better time. The bands are expected to perform in Las Vegas on the 30th of July 2016. It is an obvious plot for the summer holidays. Vegas itself is never short of wonderful entertainment spots and recreational facilities for the avid traveler and fun-lover. The Rob Zombie Vegas show is an ideal summer plot. It will not be short of new experiences and great entertainment.

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