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Le Reve Tickets

Le Reve TicketsLe Reve Las Vegas Tickets

The Le Reve Las Vegas show is far from a synchronized swimming fest. It consists of acrobatic stunts that should never be tried at home. It is advisable to book in advance as you may run out of seats when you walk-in. It is produced by Franco Dragone who has also worked on many Cirque de Soleil shows. If you haven't seen this show, then you are missing a lot in your life. For those expecting a story, this is not the show for you. You are going to be entertained by stunts you have never seen before. You can expect to be in awe the entire time watching them perform their stunts. There is a "splash zone" warning so if you don't want to get wet then don't sit in those areas. If the place isn't fully packed yet then you can request to transfer your seat. The entire thing happens in Wynn Las Vegas which is located at the Strip.

Select the ideal seats

The best seats for Le Reve Las Vegas are the 3rd row and the 4th row. It would not be a good idea to sit in the first row as you will have to look up most of the time. If that happens then your neck will feel soar after the show and you could end up wanting to go see a doctor. It could also prompt you to not go to work the next day. There is a good side to sitting in the front row though as the performers will interact with you so you have to expect the unexpected when it comes to this show. When other people that the performers interact with you, they think it is just part of the show when in reality it is not. You may have to bring extra clothes so you can change after the show though if you select to seat in the front row. If you have poor eyesight then don't select the back rows as you might end up not seeing much of what transpires even though the place is made to have everyone have a comfortable time watching the show. The seats are comfortable too and you won't even notice that as you are too busy enjoying the show.

Positive reviews

When you look around the Internet for a second opinion on the show, you are going to find nothing but rave reviews about it. All of them say they were entertained from the start until the end. They came in expecting not much but came out of the show completely overwhelmed. They did not hesitate at all in giving the show the complete 5 stars when it was time to rate it. There won't be any biased reviews and it is evident when they list down the reasons they liked the show. Each reviewer will rave about different things from the costumers, sound effects down to the lighting. Everything just seems so perfect when it comes to this show. You can't help but give them a standing ovation when the show is all over. Don't feel ashamed to do that because they all deserve it.

Awe-inspiring Performances by the Cast

You can tell the entire cast that performs in Le Reve were carefully selected as all of them knew what they were doing. They are also professionals at what they do so it would be wise to not imitate what they do or there would be terrible consequences. The show would not have won "Best Production Show in Las Vegas" without a good reason. All the people involved here from the director to the makeup artists really did well. You can tell they dedicated countless hours of practice for the show. As they say, hard work pays off and the show is a must see. Most of the performers are already veterans at what they do. They have already performed in other similarly themed shows. You don't have to feel afraid in what they do on stage because it took them a lot of work to get to where they are right now. 

Get exclusive pictures and videos

When you access the official website of Le Reve Las Vegas, you are going to get links to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube accounts that would allow you to take a look at exclusive pictures and videos of the show. You are just going to be motivated to see the show even more with what you are going to see in the previews. You can also share the show to your friends when you log on to your personal social media accounts. When you do that, they are going to find out about the show and they have the option to share it as well. You can also take a picture or video while watching the show and post it on your social media accounts. Just remember to not take too long doing it or you might miss a lot. You can always take a photo or video then post it when the show is over.

Compatible music with the performances

The music was wonderfully timed and they really fit in with what the performers were doing.

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